Entech has brought innovation and scientific process to the tire recycling market for over 20 years with a diverse range of applications including sports field infill, rubberized asphalt, track surfaces and stone aggregate substitutes.

We are on a mission to ensure the reliable supply of high quality, low cost micronized rubber powder (MRP) to the marketplace.
MRP is used in new tire manufacturing and most recently in thermoplastic injection molding, as well as potential applications with extrusion, thermoforming and rotational molding.

Entech has formed a division called Entech TPE that specializes in compounding thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), and polypropylene copolymers (PPC) with their own micronized rubber powder (MRP as an elastomeric filler).

Entech TPE is completely vertical with tooling from sister company Jomar, in-house compounding and pelletizing on a 40 mm twin screw extruder, along with injection molding machines including a Boy 35 Ton, a Van Dorn 400 Ton, and a Krauss Maffei 1200 Ton equipped with robotics.

Entech’s dedicated team includes a research and development chemist as well as mold designers and processing specialists who work together to ensure all compounds utilize the proper resins, modifiers, and fillers necessary to meet the unique physical and chemical properties of an application.

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