Leading MRP Producer Adds To Product Line

Entech introduces TPE Value enhancement program

Middlebury, IN (PRWEB) May 10, 2016

Midwest tire recycling firm Entech Inc. is proud to introduce the TPE resin line, an expansion of their products. This new compounding line of thermoplastic elastomer is created from a 7-step process for adding elastomeric properties to thermoplastic injection molded, extruded or vacuum formed parts. Entech’s TPE Department specializes in TPE compounding, excelling in the use of micronized rubber powder (MRP) that they produce from Entech’s on-site tire recycling. This complete in-house production loop allows unprecedented quality control over the micronized rubber powder for superior finished product results.

Entech offers a complete TPE solution from an in-house compounding line, molding line, and testing laboratory which greatly accelerates the process of identifying the optimal TPE recipe for the each application. In addition to the environment value of recycling materials, a TPE recipe provides improvements in weatherability, flexibility, memory, impact resistance, stress resistance and surface grip.

In concert with new TPE product offering, Entech has formalized the TPE Value Enhancement Program which provides a free viability assessment to companies which could benefit from adding elastomeric properties to injection molded, extruded or vacuum formed parts. The TPE Value Enhancement Program allows companies to explore potentially increasing the amount of recycled content in their products without the use of expensive polymers.

“Creating a formal program around our new thermoplastic elastomer just makes sense to the Entech way of doing business,” says Neal Frey, Business Development Manager. “Entech prides itself on creating custom solutions which exceed our customers’ expectations and improve their bottom line. Now customers can take advantage of our free viability assessment to improve their products without risk.” More information about the TPE Value Enhancement Program and product can be found at www.TPEValue.com.

About Entech:

Entech Inc. is a full-service tire recycling facility. In business since 1995, Entech services the Midwest with licensed scrap tire hauling and processing. Entech returns this recycled rubber to market as environmentally safe and durable products for customers nationwide. Entech Inc. supplies ground rubber of many sizes to be used for products including: molding and extrusion, asphalt, sports fields, tennis courts, running tracks, equestrian riding arenas, playgrounds and steel production.