Vertical Custom Molding Capabilities

Custom molding is said to be a commodity. However, when combined with vertical capabilities it provides a unique opportunity to quickly test new part designs, experiment with innovative materials and keep production on schedule. Entech offers tooling from sister company Jomar, in-house compounding and pelletizing on a 40 mm twin screw extruder, along with injection molding machines including a Boy 35 Ton, a Van Dorn 400 Ton, and a Krauss Maffei 1200 Ton equipped with robotics.

Custom Molding with MRP

What’s even more unique is Entech’s own supply of MRP (micronized rubber powder). This unique filler improves weatherability, flexibility, memory, impact resistance, stress resistance and surface grip. Below are many examples of custom molded parts produced by the Entech TPE division.

Consider the many possible applications for compounding thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), and polypropylene copolymers (PPC) with micronized rubber powder.