Entech has brought innovation and scientific process to the tire recycling market for over 20 years. We are on a mission to ensure the reliable supply of high quality, low cost micronized rubber powder (MRP) to the marketplace. Our thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) unit specializes in compounding polypropylene copolymers (PPC), TPE’s and MRP. Our thermoplastics capabilities include material formulation, tooling, compounding and injection molding.

Why Increase MRP Capacity?

Our company leaders, Lavon Detweiler, CEO and Neal Frey, VP of Business Development, have made a career out of bringing stability to the tire recycling world. Entech has taken a seemingly crude idea and applied innovative, scientific processes in order to ensure a high quality and low cost supply of MRP. “This is the only way the marketplace will have the confidence to specify MRP as a key ingredient whether it be for new tire production or innovative thermoplastics applications,” says Lavon.

Using MRP in Thermoplastics

The decision to expand our MRP capacity was driven by interest in new thermoplastic applications as well as traditional uses such as new tire production. “We’re encouraged to see opportunity with thermoplastic injection molding and possibly extrusion, thermoforming and rotational molding,” says Frey. “The key is for product designers to get familiar with the elastomeric benefits of MRP-filled compounds and the environmental impact of using recycled content. More R&D is necessary for using MRP in plastics, but we continue to see reasons to press forward.”

Entech TPE

“To continue our research and development with thermoplastics, it’s important that we have a compound-ready powder in order to achieve finished part performance objectives. Having our own MRP production has enabled us to test injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and rotational molding applications,” says, Haikun Xu, research and development chemist.

“Beyond MRP production, we are developing specialized expertise in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounding so we can not only innovate with new applications here at Entech, but to also share with the marketplace. We hope many companies will see the potential for MRP in thermoplastic applications and reach out to us for help,” says Frey.

Entech Press Release MRP Expansion