Can products with micronized rubber powder (MRP) be recycled and/or reground and used in it’s own process?

Yes, they can be recycled.

Does a micronized rubber powder (MRP) filled part have a true cross-linked bond?

The rubber itself has chemically crosslinked bonds. When it is used as fillers in thermoplastics, it acts as shock absorbers and improves the toughness and the impact resistance of the compounds. The interaction between the rubber and the plastic is primarily physical entanglement, however, the interfacial interaction depends on the base resin used, and can be improved by some compatibilizers if necessary.

How resistant are micronized rubber powder (MRP) parts to extreme temperatures, chemical exposure and harsh environments?

The rubber parts are highly resistant to UV exposure, ozone, and have good weatherability and chemical stability. They retain great resilience and rubber properties at low temperatures.

What product testing capabilities do you have?

All the physical property testing capabilities, including density, hardness, MFI, tensile, flexural, impact, ash test, etc.

Is the micronized rubber additive available in UV and fire-retardant grades?

The rubber itself is very resistant to UV exposure but there is not a fire-retardant grade.