Rubberized Dustpan Demolition Comparison

What can be more utilitarian than a dustpan? Although, it’s a great application for increased flexibility, memory and crack resistance it’s also a great study for structural integrity. The tremendous breadth of applications that could equally benefit from similar performance attributes is vast.

The shape lends itself to finding a breaking point due to the “box corner and flange” design which gives the shape rigidity. (See broken examples of the “before” parts below.) Yet, the micronized rubber powder filled compound gives the shape enough structural integrity while also allowing it to both flex and return to shape under compression. This put a tremendous strain on the natural break points. However, as you can see in the video, it just flexes and bounces back.

This particular part is injection molded from 35% MRP (micronized rubber powder) couple COPP and recycled TPO. We hope to see similar test being performed soon for automotive, heavy equipment, and construction related applications.